BCN Coffee Guide

Visitors Guide to Barcelona’s Best Coffee ‘n Books

Please, don’t come to Barcelona and drink Starbucks! This place is loaded with great coffee shops. If you’re like me and want to start your day with a Flat White, grab an Iced Latte or Espresso in the heat, or end your evening with a Cortado, then it’s good to know what spots are nearby. And it is certainly how you want to kill your jet lag on day one!

So we put together this little Google List of what we think are the best coffee places in town — spread out so you can find something in almost any neighborhood. Here’s the link: If you aren’t close to any of these and need a caffeine fix, and want to wander in somewhere new, look for a La Marzocco machine serving Nomad Cofee and you’re probably in pretty good shape.

And nothing goes better with Coffee than a good book (on the same list). Barcelona has many great English Book Stores or places with an English section. Our favorite is Finestres which has such micro-categories (with all the languages mixed together) that you’re sure to find something interesting that you hadn’t heard of before. And they encourage you to relax, sit and read. And while not on our list, there are a lot of Re-Read Used Bookstores with pretty good English sections too.

Hope this helps you keep going as you explore all the cool spots in Barcelona.

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