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Guess what I just found!

I can’t believe we’ve been here almost a month already! Wow, it is speeding by faster than I even imagined. We don’t even have a well working shower yet—ours is like a combination of getting hit with a fire hose while someone simultaneously spits on you. But other than some upkeep issues, our apartment is […]

Farewell suckers!

That’s what my four year old nephew shouted as we drove away after saying goodbye. Side note: it will also be the last line I use at his wedding toast someday. Love that kid. The last couple days brought with them a lot of sad goodbyes. Sisters, brothers, cousins, nieces & nephews, dads/grandpas, friends and […]


We learned today that our fathers had never had craft cocktails. Never. That’s part of Kate and I’s food triangle. This was something we obviously needed to remedy. Luckily, we have a favorite cocktail bar in Barcelona, the Collage Cocktail Bar. We started off with what was on the menu (which by no means is […]


It turns out My dad is a big Dali fan. We started with a tour of Girona, where some cool Game of Thrones scenes were filmed. Dad had to climb a bunch of stairs, but he Lanisterred his way to the top. We then set out to Figures to the Dali museum. I feared my […]

A bit of everything

We saw and did a little bit of everything on Friday. Kate and I started with some wandering around El Born, recreating a photo from just over a year ago. My dad was feeling a bit under the weather, so he stayed back while Denny, Kate & I toured old town. Obviously we stopped for […]

Who’s up for some team building?

Kate always finds us hidden gems. We just watched castellers practice. Denny & Lou watched from above with a beer & brandy and Kate & I hung out by the practice floor. There were over 100 people supporting this design. Amazing! Side note: I was once part of a 6 person pyramid. So I get […]


So while boarding in Munich on our way to Barcelona, my dad was pulled aside by a very rule oriented, strict, authoritative (aka German) Lufthansa employee to weigh his bag. Apparently, it was ONE kilo over the limit. Who would have guessed he would be the first to openly disregard local rules in such a […]


This post is just a little side story that gave me a good chuckle. My Dad wanted to make sure his United number is attached to the flight. (This is one of the things we talked about during our aforementioned meeting.) He didn’t have the number with him then, so the next day (Saturday I […]