It turns out My dad is a big Dali fan.

We started with a tour of Girona, where some cool Game of Thrones scenes were filmed. Dad had to climb a bunch of stairs, but he Lanisterred his way to the top.

View from the top

View from the bottom

Eiffel’s bridge. Practice for his next project.

We then set out to Figures to the Dali museum. I feared my dad wouldn’t like Dali’s art… mostly because he told me he didn’t like Dali’s art.

But once we got there, he was enthralled with all of it. The paintings, sculptures, jewelry, ink drawings, mechanical creations. All of it.

He shared a story I hadn’t heard about winning an art contest in high school when he found a piece that reminded him of his prized creation–a bejeweled swizzle stick. Apparently he still has the award, but sadly not the piece. He seemed just a little bummed that he never took it up as a hobby.

Lincoln… or is it? Hint, zoom.

And even though I was a fan already (less now than when I was younger), I have a much greater appreciation of his talent and prolific creations. Dude was crazy… crazy impressive.

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  1. Tom Collen
    Tom Collen says:

    I hope you had a chance to see some works by Joan Miro. He was from Barcelona and there is a museum there dedicated to his work. One of my favorite artists.


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