Epic meal. Again.

It’s no surprise that Barcelona is a culinary delight, but the dinner David and I had last night at Niño Viejo was further proof. Owned by the same chef as Bodega 1900 (remember our 14 courses from two nights ago?) and no less amazing. The cuisine was purely Mexican. Again we asked the servers to surprise us. After the usual starters…guacamole, queso fundido and olives, we got into some seriously thoughtful dishes. From carpaccio on light crackers to four varieties of tint tacos we were well fed. We had ONLY 10 courses.

Three margaritas in they moved us to the dessert room. What? That was like music to my ears. We finished our drink and were served two desserts… churros and pan de muerto. Not to be outdone by the nearby group, when the tequila and mezcal steward (is that what he would be called?) made his way to us we just HAD to accept his recommendations.

Felt sheepish with the dads back in the apartment, but after the dozens of stone stairs and hills they climbed throughout our tour, I think they were ok to put their feet up and take it easy. I mean, today we are off to a wine and cava tour and thanks to the Barcelona Marathon (how did I not know about this????) had to walk several long blocks to meet our guide. I’ve been trying to minimize the walking/climbing to keep our activities manageable- but road closures for marches and races have made it harder!!! 🙄

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