We learned today that our fathers had never had craft cocktails. Never. That’s part of Kate and I’s food triangle. This was something we obviously needed to remedy.

Luckily, we have a favorite cocktail bar in Barcelona, the Collage Cocktail Bar. We started off with what was on the menu (which by no means is anything typical), then began to go off menu once we got to know Andre, the bartender. And more important, he got to know us.

My dad asked him to create something that would cure his cold–ten or so finely tuned ingredients later, and his delicious concoction may not have cured him, but I’m pretty sure he thought less about it.

We all put Andre to the test, but between ice blocks, clay casks he pulled from the back room (and removed contents with a syringe), to the most specialized liquors & carved accoutrement, we had one great cocktail after another.

And once you find a good mixologist, you always ask them where else you should visit. So next time you are in Barcelona, here is Andre’s list…

Maybe tomorrow night.

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