Barcelona with a Change of Plans

OK.  Here’s where our story begins.  I find an amazing price for a flight to Barcelona (one of our favorite cities) that David and I just can’t pass up. So we book the trip. A day later I have an epiphany…. what if we asked our dads to join us! I float the idea past David, taking away his vision of our lovely romantic holiday and plugging in an adventure with our octogenarian dads.  Without hesitation (well, there was a slight hesitation until I assured him the dads would have their own place) he agrees it’s a great idea.  So we ask our dads if they might want to come along.  They both reply quickly that they are definitely IN!  Thank goodness, because this was an all or nothing deal with the two of them.

And I keep thinking, what in the hell does this trip look like now??  David and I are accustomed to criss-crossing cities covering 7-10 miles a day on foot.  We pivot on a moment’s notice.  We hike and meander and walk into questionable spots suggested by locals.  We stop for drinks and snacks all day long.  I mean, all…day…long! Luckily our dads are game to go with the flow and try whatever we throw at them.  So I’ve been booking tours and planning how to fill our days – now more by car than on foot.  We’ve had lots of laughs thinking about what might shake out on this adventure.  We’ve affectionately named them Oscar and Felix because they are so different from one another.  Yet they have been dear, dear friends since David I met some 29 years ago.  In fact, upon getting the invitation, my father-in-law said “tell Denny I can’t wait to drink sangria, eat jamón and watch the pretty ladies go by!”  Of course, this is something they did about 25 years ago when I was back studying in Spain and our families all met up.

I’m not quite sure what we are in for with these two, but I can guarantee we will be laughing non-stop.  Whether it is with them or at them remains to be seen. I’ve made sure they have approval from their doctors, all prescriptions are filled, walking regime in place (for Denny), and they can pack in a carry-on.  So far I have us booked for a tour of The Sagrada Familia, a day trip to Girona, a 4 x 4 and Cava tour, and a cooking class where we make our own paella under the watchful eye of a trained chef who apparently pours lots of sangria and cerveza.  What could possibly go wrong? I’ve never really blogged so I’ll try to keep it brief and entertaining.  

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