A bit of everything

We saw and did a little bit of everything on Friday. Kate and I started with some wandering around El Born, recreating a photo from just over a year ago.

My dad was feeling a bit under the weather, so he stayed back while Denny, Kate & I toured old town. Obviously we stopped for some craft beer.

Add to that some rooftop Cava, the Boqueria Market, and even a couple conference calls… we stayed busy.

Sidebar: Getting around was tricky–the International Women’s Day March had both a daytime and evening version. Barcelonans love a good protest, so they went all-out! Other than forcing my poor dad to huff it across town for our evening activity (closed roads & gridlock), it was fun to see.


Our evening Paella cooking class was epic. Along with some new friends from Dallas & Denver, we cooked four versions–Cava flowing freely the whole time! And it even tasted pretty good.


After dropping off our dads at the apartment, Kate and I snuck back out for one last pitcher of sangria.

It was a good day.

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