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A day in the life.

I’m on a roll – two posts in one day! Had some thoughts so going somewhat stream of consciousness on my Wednesday. Had class from 9 – 1. Four hours is a lot each day but still loving it thanks to an amazingly patient, kind, dedicated and talented teacher. I have a long way to […]

Climbing Tibidabo! A nice little Sunday.

I realize the reason I don’t post on a regular basis is that uploading photos isn’t intuitive, and it’s a bit clunky. I want to share what we are doing so I am throwing up my hands on the photos for now. Too many days have passed where I have something fun or silly to […]

Surf’s Up!

This is yet another post I drafted weeks ago. Busy days continue.  Not sure if I mentioned it in an earlier post, but Lilly has started practicing with the only lacrosse team in all of Cataluña, the Barcelona Dracs.  She is the youngest player out there but totally crushing it in practice.  Most of the […]

Weekend in the Pyrenees!

Time continues to fly by for us here in Spain. Can’t believe it will be a month on Monday that we’ve been here. UPDATE: This is all old news. It is now NOVEMBER 6. This story happened weeks ago! We snuck away to the Pyrenees to see another part of the region. It was most […]

Tour de France! What?

Our first road trip in Europe did not disappoint. Note: long post ahead – these blogs are to fill in family and friends and will serve as a bit of a journal for us so will include many details. We are most certainly counting our blessings that we can safely travel by car and explore […]

You won’t get it right if you do it wrong!

I’m totally behind on posts so this is from a few days ago and trying to catch up to today… MONDAY: We seem to have trouble getting the kids up and moving in the mornings here so David set off to a nearby coffee shop to get some emails sent and gear up for the […]

Getting settled in a new country…

Where do I even start with our first several days living in Barcelona? I swore I would get online and post all the goodness that happened to us as it happened. Then we just went and enjoyed all that was thrown our way…. so here I finally go. We arrived Monday without issue. Flights were […]

This is really happening. Barcelona here we come!

Where do I even start?  This is my first official blog post for our upcoming move to Barcelona.  This will be our way of sharing what we’re doing for those who want to follow along.  It will also serve as a giant journal when we look back on our grand adventure!  We will all be […]

Cava Tour!

Today, with the best weather of our trip, we ventured out to the Pénedes wine region. Another auspicious start to the day as we came across MORE CLOSED ROADS – this time thanks to the Barcelona marathon. After getting over my disappointment at not knowing about this opportunity for an international run (rookie mistake on […]

Epic meal. Again.

It’s no surprise that Barcelona is a culinary delight, but the dinner David and I had last night at Niño Viejo was further proof. Owned by the same chef as Bodega 1900 (remember our 14 courses from two nights ago?) and no less amazing. The cuisine was purely Mexican. Again we asked the servers to […]