So while boarding in Munich on our way to Barcelona, my dad was pulled aside by a very rule oriented, strict, authoritative (aka German) Lufthansa employee to weigh his bag. Apparently, it was ONE kilo over the limit. Who would have guessed he would be the first to openly disregard local rules in such a caviller manner.

For some reason, my dad than motioned for us to come over. We tried to avoid eye contact, least we befall the same fate, but apparently Dad didn’t know that trick. So we all were sucked into her web of compliance and had to weigh our bags (while a stream of people passed with their giant carry-ons).

We were told, “this isn’t a flight in America. “Next time you should pack less.” Oh, Germans.

The funniest part is that my Dad actually fastidiously weighed his bag prior to leaving, and was certain it was within the guidelines. Of course he was the only one of us to do so. He was told the weight was a safety concern. To which our faces simultaneously conveyed the look of “Huh?”

While I was trying to work my way through the logic, the reason was explained… Apparently at 9 kilos, carry-ons become like anvils when the overhead compartments are opened, flattening passengers like cartoon characters. At least that’s what I was picturing as she explained the clearly very dangerous predicament we narrowly escaped.

Well, we were scolded just a bit more, they checked out bags, and we are on our way to Barcelona! Actually, for some reason Kate’s wasn’t checked. Or even weighed for that matter. But, now she needs to roll hers through the airport while Denny, my dad and I walk arms swinging to baggage claim. I believe she may have gotten the worst deal of all. But I’ll probably pull it for her.

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  1. David
    David says:

    That almost turned bad. We went to baggage claim, and there was one bag missing… my dad’s! You know, the one with his walking stick and medication.

    But luckily while we were working with the baggage people, someone who had grabbed his bag by accident, returned it to grab the other blue bag. Whew! Crisis averted.


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