Cava Tour!

Today, with the best weather of our trip, we ventured out to the Pénedes wine region. Another auspicious start to the day as we came across MORE CLOSED ROADS – this time thanks to the Barcelona marathon. After getting over my disappointment at not knowing about this opportunity for an international run (rookie mistake on my part) we were dropped a bit always from our tour meeting point. Lou, ever the good sport and fueled by a tasty pastry, pounded the pavement with his trusty walking stick.

Happy Runners

Out of the city we pulled into a lovely vineyard and slowly climbed aboard (remember Lou and the walking stick?) the open 4×4 for a leisurely drive through the grounds, stopping at an 11th century chapel. The guys who really have no wine tour experience were blown away. After the ride we toured and sampled four delicious wines paired with tapas. And no skimping like in the states – these were big pours. My dad was enamored with both our guide and the vineyard owner. I’m sure you’ll hear ALL about them from Denny. I already have. 🙄Second stop was the Cava caves where they stored 3 million bottles. Stunning. Then four more Cavas and tapas. Again, full glasses. So…8 drinks in we piled blissfully into the van back to the city.

The men ZONKED out. FAST. One thing we’ve noticed – those dudes are skilled at sneaking in rest whenever and wherever. We realize that although we’ve let off the gas in terms of pace, we have pushed them to their physical limit. They are great sports and know when to take a break.

After a nice long rest we set out to introduce Lou and Denny to true craft cocktails. No simple Moscow Mule or Old Fashioned (see David’s post). Serious, serious stuff. Then meandered to dinner. Made it home and as I type this I imagine the guys are already fast asleep. Tomorrow is our last full day. No plans as of yet. I suspect a park bench and kindle might just be in their future.

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