Entries by David

22 from Normandy Road Trip

With Kate’s Dad in tow, we hit the road to visit Normandy–which is incredible. We make lots of stops in France along the way, but the most unbelievable are cave paintings from 17,000 BC. However, we were NOT allowed to take photos of those!

19 from Summer in España

Borders open up, and friends and family visit! We are so happy to see everyone! Also catch the Tour d’France again in Andorra this time where an American who lives outside Barcelona wins the day.

70 from an August European Adventure

Hiking & Via Ferrata in the Dolomites, sailing with friends in Croatia, learning important history in Sarajevo & Dachau, the Sound of Music Tour, and a lots of spots along the way. Unbelievable.

31 from Portugal

Lilly joined the Madrid Osas for the Lisboa Cub Lacrosse Tournament in Lisbon–she was AMAZING! Then we rented an RV and camped along the Southern Portugal coast to celebrate Cameron’s 13th birthday.

8 from Girona Region

Hiking in the Pyrenees again – this time with Blaze (a dog that found us and led us for hours). Then a few stops at medieval Spanish towns.