Farewell suckers!

That’s what my four year old nephew shouted as we drove away after saying goodbye. Side note: it will also be the last line I use at his wedding toast someday. Love that kid.

The last couple days brought with them a lot of sad goodbyes. Sisters, brothers, cousins, nieces & nephews, dads/grandpas, friends and of course Poppy.

Cameron and Poppy hugging one another goodbye.

We know she will be in good hands at Papa’s. To be honest, other than Cameron we are pretty sure Papa is her favorite.

On our way

Sixteen! bags full of our belongings for the next year.

We had more than a couple surprises too. My dad cooked the kids’ favorite meatballs and mashed potatoes last night then came by this morning for another goodbye.

Three generations of Petsolt boys.

And then as we were driving away, the Cameron crew was roadside with this amazing display!

Which of course warranted just one more hug.

We will miss you all, and look forward to things opening up 🤞 and finding times for friends and family to visit.

We will keep everyone posted here and on Instagram.

Now… 24 hours of travel… go!

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